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CRYSTALWATER Purifiers for Pool Water Purification
Purification Systems for Pools & Spas
Early American pioneers moving west across the continent put copper and silver coins in large wooden water casks to provide them with safe drinking water on their long voyage. When the wagons rolled, the agitation caused the coins to discharge ions (an electrically charged particle) in the water. The copper ions killed algae and the silver ions killed bacteria and viruses. Ionized Wishing Wells? Have you ever noticed how clear the water is in a wishing well or pond? All those coins you throw in there for "good luck" are solely responsible for the clarity of the water. There is no chlorine or other sanitizers in the water. Those coins are producing copper and silver ions (killing algae and bacteria) and leaving the water sparkling clear. Now the same principle can be applied to pools -- and you don't have to throw any coins in your pool! NASA capitalized on this early knowledge and used an ionization system on the Apollo flights to supply pure drinking water for the crew. "Transform your pool into an Artesian Mineral Bath without the use of corrosive & carcinogenic chlorine." .
The installation is very simple. No special tools are required. An Installation Manual is included with every unit. Residential units can usually be installed by the homeowner
The Ionizer.... is the clear choice in pool water care...
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For nearly 100 years, chlorine has been perceived as the only way to disinfect water in swimming pools. Yet, this method commonly yields red, irritated eyes, dry and brittle Chlorine compounds are dangerous, swimmers ear, dry itchy skin, bleached out swimsuits and residual odour of the chlorine itself, not to mention the wear and tear on all pool equipment and the pool's surface. Chlorine is a strong bleach and is dangerous. Studies have linked it with cancer, and scientists have reported that chlorine is a leading cause of erosion of the Earth's ozone layer. A drive to ban chlorine has become one of the most significant environmental fights in decades. Not only are these health hazards associated with chlorine, its actual effectiveness has been questioned. Swim in an Oasis of Mineral Spring Water....Naturally While Safeguarding Your Family With Space-Age Technology... By using safe, natural minerals as the basis for its technology, Clearwater Enviro Technologies, Clearwater, Florida USA has developed a system that can greatly reduce the amount of dangerous and costly chemicals that you use. The system consists of a pair of scientifically formulated electrodes, comprised of copper and silver that are placed in line of your existing equipment. A micro-processor releases a controllable low-voltage DC charge to the electrodes, releasing safe and natural mineral ions into the water. The copper-ions kill algae, while the silver-ions kill bacteria and viruses. The Clearwater, Florida, USA Pool System uses technology that was actually used thousands of years ago. The ancient Greeks were the first to discover the sanitizing power of copper.                 THE GREEKS The ancient Greeks were the first to discover the sanitizing power of copper. THE EGYPTIANS The Egyptians kept their water in silver containers to prevent contamination The EARLY AMERICAN PIONEERS
Ion Dispersing Unit produces silver and copper ions that kill bacteria and algae. The ion unit is installed within your existing pool pump and filtration system. An electrical charge is applied from a low-voltage (12 volt) transformer which releases copper and silver ions from the specially formulated electrodes as the water flows through the unit Installation is simple with most residental units able to be installed by homeowners