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WATER TREATMENT PRODUCTS Crystalwater Enviro Technologies are Authorised Dealers for The Mineral Pure™ Natural Water Purification System. Mineral Pure™ is a Natural Colloidal Silver Generator for Reverse Osmosis Systems.                                                 Mineral Pure™ is the most technologically advanced system ever developed in the                                           water purification industry. Designed to be incorporated with any under-the-counter Reverse Osmosis system,  Mineral Pure's™ addition will enhance your water purification system unlike any other in the world.                                                                                                                       NASA developed technology can be easily installed to any RO System.     Releases safe and natural mineral ions to help kill bacteria ad viruses     Greatly enhances any RO System by maintaining a continuous antibacterial disinfection through-out the entire system     Provides long-term purification and protects against re-contamination.   Mineral Pure™ is comprised of a specially designed flow cell chamber that holds a pair of scientifically formulated electrodes comprised of silver. As water is being produced, a sensitive flow switch immediately turns on the ionizers power box and sends a very low-voltage DC charge to the electrodes. As water passes through the electrodes, silver-ions are released into the water. It is a well documented fact that those ions kill algae, bacteria and viruses in the water. This same technology was used by NASA aboard the Apollo flights as they did not want to bring chlorine up in space. Many companies impregnate silver in activated carbon filters to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can build up in them. This system goes a step further. The silver-ions remain in the entire system - including the storage tank - and provide long-term purification and protect against recontamination. No other system can make this claim - including ozone and UV. These ions are perfectly safe and easily meet EPA's standards for drinking water. Mineral Pure™ is actually a colloidal silver generator. Colloidal silver is often available in health food stores for several dollars an ounce! Our system will produce gallons of colloidal silver for just pennies. These ions have been proven to kill crytosporium, v. cholera, e. coli and hundreds of bacteria and viruses.   Mineral Pure Colloidal Silver Generator for reverse Osmosis Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems are also available. For more information on Mineral Pure™ Colloidal Silver Generators,
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