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For A Chlorine And Scale-Free Environment

Crystalwater Enviro Technologies
 are the experts water treatment and purification. They are authorised dealers for advanced products from CLEARWATER ENVIRO TECHNOLOGIES INC including the
 range of electronic de-scalers and the
 range of ionisation systems.
SCALEBLASTER for Scale Removal and Descaling
Install a
from Crystalwater Enviro Technologies and solve hard water problems with an Electronic
Water Conditioner and De-scaler. Scaleblaster is the maintenance and chemical-free alternative to removing hard water and lime scale problems. 
CRYSTALWATER PURIFIERS for Pool Water Purification
Install an advanced CRYSTALWATER Ioniisation Purification system from Crystalwater Enviro Technologies and     Enjoy Chlorine Free Swimming in Pure Sparkling Water!     Stop Using Harsh Chemicals in Your Pool!
By using safe, pure, natural minerals as the purifying agents, a CRYSTALWATER purification system can be applied to any size swimming pool or spa. The CRYSTALWATER advanced technology uses a pair of scientifically formulated electrodes comprised of copper and silver which release ions into the water.
The Copper ions kill algae and the Silver ions kill bacteria and viruses.
Colloidal Silver Generator for Reverse Osmosis Systems....... The Mineral Pure™ Natural Water Purification System
Click here to read more about the most technologically advanced system ever developed in the water purification industry.
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